December 30, 2011

A New Year's Preview

I'll be spending my New Year's Eve at a cabin in the woods. No joke! I'm currently up near Big Bear in a little cabin with my cousins, BDF, and 5 dogs! So, I haven't done any research on the fun happening in and around LA this year, I can give you my recommendations on the age old question: What should I wear?!

I always prefer a skirt and top combo, as opposed to a constricting dress. So I'd go with sequined gold skirt from Zara ($59.99), and this cream sparkly top from F21 ($24.80). Sparkly (especially sparkly gold) is rarely okay outside of Vegas and New Year's Eve so take advantage! Then when you step out into the cold night air after your midnight flirtations, throw on this neon pink sweater from J. Crew ($49.99). I promise it's way more neon in person! And if you're planning to dance the night away, stick to these taupe wedges from Urban Outfitters ($99) because beauty is pain, but wedges = reduced pain.

And for the gentlemen, NYE is your first chance to fulfill your resolution to be better dressed and more gentlemanly in 2012. So, no creeping up on unaware female victims on the dance floor! Dress like the gentleman you are in: contrasting herringbone shirt from Zara ($29.99), slim-fit herringbone chinos from J. Crew ($118 wtheck!!), Nike Braata in leather (check ebay), AND a drink for you and your new lady friend (generosity is very handsome).

I know for certain that on our trip, we'll be:
  • Enjoying wine from V. Sattui
  • Playing Settlers of Catan
  • Playing Apples to Apples
  • Enjoying a delicious Korean BBQ dinner
  • Delighting in a waffle bar
  • Stuffing our faces with pulled pork
This is definitely a different kind of New Year's Eve, especially since I spent my last one at Bootie LA! I can't wait to share with you how my New Year's was, and I hope we can hear from you how you spent yours! Happy New Year! See ya Monday!

P.S. Sorry about the awful (and disturbing!) Photoshop job. I'm in a rush to get this epic trip started!

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