About Us

About In the Curiosity
[photo by Antony Tran]

One warm winter day in Los Angeles, we conceived a brilliant idea to jointly create a blog to share our adventures in life, love, and city living as twenty-something year olds. Our interests vary from art and design, to architecture and urban planning. We'll be sharing about the intersection of our interests through the lens of our respective personal lives.

We've known each other for 12 years, from the awkward high school days through college and now back in Los Angeles as working professionals. After an entire semester of Monica being called "Junette" and Junette being called "Monica," we finally met and quickly became best friends. We followed each other to Cal and even studied similar majors. We're excited to get to know you all and this beautiful city better!

Monica lives in Silver Lake with her brother, boyfriend, and cat Miki. She designs buildings by day and moonlights as a film crew girl for OhEdgarProductions. This blog which started out as a fun project on the side has become a neccessary platform for Monica to unload her creativity albeit amateur photography, experimental cooking, or written ramblings. Email Monica here.

Junette was born and raised in Koreatown and recently returned to her hometown with her pup, Bennet. She is an urban planner at heart and by trade, and she loves everything about cities - crowded sidewalks, grimy gas stations, shady neighbors and all. Junette dabbles in many different art forms but her true love is stationery. Email Junette here.