January 23, 2012

Eye See Eye Eat

It seems like photogenic moments happen around or during meals. It's probably because it's the only time my mind and body are relaxed enough to engage with the company, the environment, and the food in front of me.
After work drinks on Friday at Luna Park. My Ginger Fresh donned a mermaid. Antony's Old Fashioned donned a donkey. Very representative of our roles. 

On Saturday Antony, our friend Susan, and I did what all mid-twenty-somethings do to symbolize our adulthood--sign up for a Costco membership. After some pizza, chicken bake, and hot dogs, I spotted these quirky boots on a fellow Costconian.
Saturday Night we walked to Flore for some vegan grub. Their burgers are so damn good. This fun jar pendant hung above our table. I spy DIY.
Junette introduced me to Samanco on Sunday night. The pescatarian in me could not resist this red bean and vanilla ice cream fish sandwich.

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