January 6, 2012

The Unglamorous Life

[Sheila E - The Glamorous Life]

I don't have any glamorous plans for the weekend, but I am sure looking forward to running errands and just spending my free time away from a computer. Some plans I am entertaining:
  • Although I missed all the post-Christmas shopping sales, H.D. Buttercup, the drool-worthy furniture store in Culver City, is having its Half Yearly Sale until January 16th. I hope to check it out although I'm expecting that nothing will be affordable even at 70% off.
  • I don't understand it, but BDF is a diehard fan of Tom Cruise, so I am pretty sure we'll be watching Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol sometime this weekend.
  • To be candid, I have a small no butt, so it's hard for me to find jeans that don't look like I pooped in my pants after 1 hour of wearing them. I've been trying out different cheap-o options (Forever 21, Dollhouse), but everything has failed me. If I go outlet shopping this weekend (Camarillo?) I'm going to visit Diesel. The last time I went to Diesel I found a pair of jeans for $75, and they are the best jeans I have ever owned. Wish me luck finding non-poopy pants.
If you plan to languish away on the internet this weekend, I recommend:

  • Cute hair tutorial, similar to this one.
  • These days, I've been ravenously devouring the blog of  interior designer, Orlando Soria - Hommemaker. I may or may not have read all the archives... You might spend all weekend reading the blog, but it will be so funny and worth it that you won't hate me when you realize it's Sunday night and you didn't do anything but read the blog all weekend.
  • Is it weird that I want a giant wreath like this? Plus it's half-off at Home Depot...I can use it starting next winter! No? Fine.
  • Planning out your Dine LA meals. It's at the end of the month! January 22-27 & January 29- Februay 3.

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  1. I read, so I comment! Hahaha~

    I dislike Tom Cruise as well, but I do want to see the new Mission Impossible. I hear it's actually very, very good. Plus, action movies are ze best!