February 13, 2012

Ktown + OC eating eating eating

Traveling during the week is so tiring! After a very long week, I was glad to spend my weekend feasting and relaxing.

On Friday, we wanted to use a coupon I have for Ham Ji Park, but the wait was over 30 minutes. We went next door to Shoubu Izakaya. I love bar food of all cuisines. Yum! We ate an assortment of foods - yakisoba, pork belly, agadashi tofu, fish n chips - and enjoyed hot sake. Ahh, I love going out in Ktown.
[Our dashing sake was clothed in a neck scarf]
Saturday was full of wedding errands for/with a friend. One of our stops was Paper Source. Okay, I admit it. I have an art supply problem, and I love Paper Source so so much.

[My favorite pattern of the day on top]
It was my first time stepping into a David's Bridal and I was instantly overwhelmed, stressed, and uncomfortable. Yikes. We ended our shopping run with brunch at Habana at The LAB Antimall.
I had the Skillet of polenta, patata (potatoes), topped with a fried egg. The green salsa just made this entree, and it was so large that I got to eat leftovers on Sunday. Drool... I am salivating just thinking about the food at Habana.
[I want to try everything on the menu!]
After this delicious meal, we crafted for about 5-6 hours, making and folding petals for paper flowers. I can't show that yet bc I don't want to ruin her wedding decor. But, I was rewarded with all you can eat sushi at Sushi Tomo. Not bad for all you can eat. The rice to fish ratio wasn't as ridiculous as other places that try to fill you up with rice. All you can eat includes ice cream, for which I was very grateful.

It seems like I just ate all weekend, which is more accurate than not. I also watched my first episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights while crafting. Not bad!  I may or may not be hooked. Help! (Or.. join me!)

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