February 21, 2012

United Colors of Brass

Two online stores I've come across recently with items I like are High Street Market and Plastica. It may seem like the two styles are completely different, but sticking to one style only can be stuffy or kitschy. Mixing it up can provide good doses of both worlds. Sticking to one color palette (brasses, for example) also produces this stuffy and stagnant feel. Adding splashes of color can loosen it up and let a space feel more lived in.  

See Plastica next...


Clockwise - Stockholm Savanne Rug, Themis Trio Mobile, Sarna Tray, Egg Bird House

1 comment:

  1. OooooooooHH!! i just started reading this blog and love it!! i really like high street market's lighting! I hope i can afford them for my house one day.. and my little cousin has that big rody toy from plastica.. now i know where she got it!! hehehee