March 30, 2012

A Boyless Weekend

[doing one weekend activity while dreaming of another...]
I am schoolgirl giddy about this weekend because I am officially single (for a few days)! Antony flew up to SF last night for some bromancing so I plan on making the most out of this rare occasion. Here's what I plan to accomplish:

BAKE- Friend Patty who I've known since kindergarten is visiting from San Diego. She bakes a mighty batch of chocolate chip cookies. I will forever blame those cookies for prolonging my freshman fifteen to senior year... We will pick something to bake from either Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food or Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Both are excellent cookbooks.
HOP- Friend Susan alerted me to this article in the LA Times about the surge in breweries in the Inland Empire. Hippity beer hop we go!
RUN- Bought these Nike Free Runs in an effort not to revisit the aformentioned freshman fifteen.
SLEEP- Going to try to wind my internal jetlagged clock back to normal.
SHOP- If you haven't heard yet, the Sephora X Pantone collection came out yesterday...
WATCH- Need to attend to my Netflix queue. I will watch Eames: The Architect & The Painter, though I'm not particularly excited about the James Franco narration, and Werner Hertzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. I will be watching with my friend Question Mark from Trader Joe's. He is the best bang for your buck cheap date.


  1. Cave of forgotten dreams was disappointing, have you seen paris is burning???

    1. no but its been moved to position #1 on my netflix queue!