March 13, 2012

Slob Self Intervention

I'm not a dirty homeowner - I clean my bathrooms, do the laundry, do the dishes regularly. But, I do tend to accumulate piles that I tell myself I will organize later. I guess I'm messy.
This weekend, it became pretty bad since I had no time to do a daily cleanup before sleeping. I had to do a self slob intervention before the piles of stuff ate me alive.

[Organized mess]
Sadly it took up my whole night. I went from bedroom to living room to kitchen area all at once.
[Not perfect, but better]
I don't think I'm ready to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens quite yet, but at least everything is put back in its place. Sigh- always a work in progress.

[I love magazines...but never have time to read them] 

Needless to say, I'm pretty exhausted. On top of that Bennet hates me for ignoring him. I'm thinking I should implement some sort of cleaning calendar a la Jenny from Little Green Notebook. Is it crazy that I want to steal her idea? What sorts of cleaning routines do you all implement?
[Jenny's cleaning routine]

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