March 27, 2012

Tour de Frames

Last week, I went over the basics of custom framing, and I promised that I would show some of the framing done for my own home by my mom and her store, Joy Art Gallery. Unfortunately I took all these photos at night, so none of the photos are exactly true to color. Some were too awful to put online, so I'll share those frames another time.

My favorite pieces are visible the moment you step into my place. The photo on the right is Priaia Piquinia 28/08/10 12h20 by Christian Chaize, and I purchased it from 20x200. I painted the one of the left. It's a French translation of some of the lyrics of "The Summer Wind," the perfect song to accompany the photograph. I discovered the song through a version by Madeleine Peyroux. These are triple matted in the most perfect colors.

This is one of the newer pieces that I love. I already love this map of Lover's Lane in Los Angeles, and it was slightly too small. So, my mom pumped it up with wide matting and a larger frame. She picked out a frame that is edged in black to match the lacquer of the piano without going overboard.

These are hanging in my bathroom. 144 Empty Parking Lots on the left/right and Every Outdoor Basketball Court in Manhattan by Jenny Odell. I purchased both of these on 20x200 as well. The colors in the bathroom are gray and black, and I eventually want all of the bathroom to have this sort of sharp black aesthetic. I should've taken a zoomed in shot of the moulding. It's a cool, almost metallic looking frame.

There are a few more framing projects in the works as well as some that won't come out without better lighting, and I'll share those when they're done

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