March 19, 2012

Weekend Blur

The weekend blur:

[Fundraising. 주목밥 literally translated is fist rice]
[Stacks of Spam fated to become spam musubi] 
Drinking at Harang in Koreatown, followed by a full day of recovery. Harang is a nice, chill place on the ground floor of the Ramada. To tell you the truth, I never even knew there was a Ramada in Koreatown. We were joking that we knew we're getting old bc we liked that it wasn't as dark as Gaam but had a similar vibe. We went to Cyber Karaoke afterward, and I learned that you have to get table service (hard alcohol + the usual assorted fruit plate) on the weekend if you want to get a room. What kind of Ktown shadiness is that? Ooh the secret underground world of after hours drinking in Koreatown... I am such an amateur...

We spent the whole next day trying to recover, with much vehement swearing never to drink again. I  braved the malls trying to buy some much needed new clothes. I. hate. shopping. Online shopping 4ever!

Sunday I spent doing everything I needed to do on Saturday but couldn't bc I was too busy recovering. I thought I learned this already in college?

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