March 2, 2012

Weekend & Links

[Wildflowers for Friday]
  • Gap always has super sales. Couple weeks ago, I bought these sandals for $33. They're actually $80. A current coupon that isn't as useful as the one I used: 15% off + free shipping off $50 (Code: GAPGIFT). 
  • Asos has a 29% off code til Midnight tonight! I'm guessing it only happens every 4 years...  I am eyeing these shoes, this shirt, and this dress. (Code:LEAPYEAHUSA) 
  • Combat the cold LA weather with some galbi tang (soup) at Chil Bo Myun Ok. BDF and I ate there yesterday and were stuffed. It was delicious and affordable. Traditional Korean and non-greasy. It's a Korean BBQ spot, but they serve other Korean food too. Recommended to me by mom (who is a big time hater of Korean restaurant food)!
  • Want these color block flats but can't afford them? Try these for $23.
  • New (old) music for you - Coal Miner's Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn. My fave song is Carrie Underwood's cover of You're Lookin' at Country.
  • Damnit! I think I'm missing this year's Festival of Houses and Gardens in Charleston, SC. Next year : (
  • Breathalyzers required in all cars in France starting this November!
  • I have an embarrassing weakness for Channing Tatum bc of Step Up, so I just watched a very bad trailer to what looks like a very bad 21 Jump Street.
The Weekend
  • Baking alfajores & pao de quiejos for a dinner party. Recipe to follow, next week.
  • Hiking in Elysian Park
  • Figure out what kind of replacement string for the shades I cut last year (oops)

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