April 27, 2012

Doorway...to the weekend!

[Camouflage door in New Orleans]
Genius that I am, I dipped my smartphone into 1/2 an inch of coffee earlier this week. Despite the barrage of advice on resurrecting my phone, it stares blankly at me. Needless to say, I'm a little scatterbrained this week. Here are a scattering of random thoughts & links.

  • A website I've been meaning to link is Khangfixesit.com. Khang, my college buddy, fixes it. And by it, I mean all sorts of its. Very interesting, and I went back and read about everything he DIYed. 
  • Whine & cheese night this weekend. I really liked the Malbec from Bodega Belgrano, so I bought the Pinot Noir to try. It was $9.99 at Vons!! (usually $19.99)
  • Hiking in Griffith Park this weekend.
  • Although I'm not turning 30, some things to have & know, sent to me by BDF
  • Amazing photos of NYC, sent to me by Grant
  • DIY leather clutch
  • I want to buy this ring for my mom
  • I've recently discovered granola from buying fruit parfaits at airports for breakfast. This granola looks delicious. I think I'll try making it.
  • Make anything into a terrarium.
  • Trying to be more focused in home decorating and completing whole areas instead of being piecemeal. First up, tiny frames like this or this, but I would rather buy them for $1 at thrift store here.
  • Sadly, I'll probably be working from home this weekend. No fun link for that piece of news.

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