April 16, 2012

Goodbye LA... (for 8 days)

Today begins a week of travel for me. Preparing for that plus trying to squeeze in as much as I could before leaving left me a very tired woman come Sunday night.

  • Best Korean fried chicken (Even Jonathan Gold from LA Weekly said so!) at OB Bear.
  • Rewarded ourselves for waking up so early in a Saturday morning with brunch at Larchmont Bungalow. I avoided Southern style food bc I know I'll be getting a big dose of it next weekend in New Orleans!

  • Dinner at a relatively new Korean BBQ place, Palsaik. They do multiple kinds of marinated  samgyupsahl (pork belly), including wine, ginseng, garlic, and miso paste. It was super delicious plus the lids to the seats come off so you can stash your stuff inside and avoid stinking like Korean BBQ the rest of the day.

  • Just found out that Instagram is available on Android now! I know I'm late to the game....but I LOVE it!
[Succulents @ Larchmont Bungalow / Palm trees in Pasadena]
  • Tried to make it out to the 626 Night Market in Pasadena. Linsanity!!! I did so much walking and nearly had BDF carry me 15 blocks back to the car. Jk, but it was a lot of walking and we did not step foot inside the market after all. 
  • Went to return something to Banana Republic, but they had this cool coupon game. So... I got sucked into buying some more clothes, which ended up costing more than the shirt I returned. Boo, but yay... but boo.

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