April 9, 2012

LACMA: Hit It & Quit It

Monica and I took a quick trip to LACMA this weekend to finally see the California Design exhibit. It was worth the wait! But I'll start with the Metropolis II exhibit, to tease you a little bit longer.

My favorite word, metropolis. (I kid you not. I wrote an essay about it in college.) It's a kid-magnet exhibit. I wish I was paid to play with tinker toys and hot wheels for 10 years!
[a democratic utopia]
I appreciated the interior design/furniture pieces highlighted in the exhibit. It's amazing to see that many of the designs we are used to seeing around the office and even in Ikea originated in or were experimented with in California between the '30s and the '60s. 
What I like the most are the simple clean designs that seem to fit together effortlesslessly.
Also a lot of the graphic elements caught my eye.
[Some sort of event booklet. Love the use of triangles.]
[A survey form.  Perfect typography]

The exhibit was fully interesting, the pieces were well chosen, and I am now inspired to live in a modern way!

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