April 26, 2012

New Orleans City Tour Part 1

Last weekend, I ate my way through New Orleans and have returned triumphantly rotund. Tomorrow,Next week, I'll finish up the tour and list & link all my New Orleans research.

First restaurant up is Eat, recommended to BDF by locals he met at a nearby dive bar. The food was ah-may-zing, and I had something similar to Eggs Benedict but with CRAB CAKES instead of English muffins. Genius!!!
[BDF's gravy smothered bacon & biscuits]
We rode the street car to the Garden District.

On the way there, we saw some drunken Southern belles.

The Garden District is home to (punny!) many beautiful and historic homes...
[Like a dollhouse, no?]
... it's also home to the Lafayette Cemetery.
 We walked through Magazine Street, the commercial street of the area.

[Love their use of 2nd floor balconies!!!]
Dinner was at Acme Oyster House. We went early (early for a dinner) and only waited about 30 minutes. Two words: CHARBROILED OYSTERS. I almost died and went to heaven. Also, fries with GRAVY and cheese??!?! Move over, chili cheese fries.
[My favorite meal]
The next morning, mass at St. Louis Basilica

Before heading on a bike ride... which I'll tell you about tomorrow next week.

Oh, by the way, I planned this whole trip as a solo vacation. Why was BDF there?! Oh... might have something to do with a...... surprise proposal!
[Yes. E to the N to Gaged]

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