May 2, 2012

Living la Vida Loca!

            WEINER WEDNESDAY~!  BDF if BACK with another Sex in the City post.  This week’s episode talks about death.  Its difficult to discuss death without talking about life.  I interpreted life in this episode to love life.  So I wont discuss life as in human life, VITA, but as in relationship life.  The way I see it, there are four kinds of love lives.
            First, the absence of a love life.  When I was single, relationships were everywhere.  They were on TV, the movies, heck, even at home.  It was as if there were two major categories, those in a relationship and those who aren’t.  When you aren’t in a relationship, there’s this constant feeling of incompleteness.  It could be society constantly telling you that you should be with someone like Miranda’s reminders that she was alone as she was purchasing the apartment.  That shows how people and society expects you to be in a relationship.  Or, the emptiness feeling could be the innate need for humans to be with someone.  Miranda feeling that she needed someone and not having someone caused her panic attacks could be natures way of telling her not to be single.  The human race has always been about the haves and have nots.  Those who have not always believe that those who have are happier.  Generally, those who aren’t in relationship believe that those who are in relationships are happier.   
            The second kind of love life is trying to bring a dead relationship back to life or as I like to call it, going back to the well.  Carrie goes to the well and hits up Big to “resurrect” their old relationship.  I personally believe that dating someone you dated before is usually not a good idea.  The things that annoyed you before will eventually come to annoy you again.  The only real way that I can see this working is if there is a significant amount of time that has passed and the two people are not in contact what so ever.  This allows the two people to become strangers and ultimately, start fresh and get to know the new person that the old person has transformed into.  Trying build the relationship with the same faulty foundation as before can be dangerous and must be built with caution. 
            Another type of life is living someone else’s love life.  Charlotte was in this situation as she was trying to help the guy she met at the cemetery get over his wife.  Living someone else's life can be either being the person that the other person is cheating on their bf/gf with or being the person that is replacing the previous bf/gf.  Either way, you are just a stand in for someone else.  You are the understudy of the main star of the show.  Sure, maybe someday you can be the star of this show, but that’s only if the main star dies or gets SERIOUSLY hurt; but you’ll always be compared to the main star.  Regardless, you got to find your own spotlight and your own show so you can be the uncontested star of the show.     
            The last kind of love life is the kind where someone is killing your love life.  This can manifest itself from disapproval from family, friends or even society.  The socialite killed Samantha’s “life” because Samantha was caught fooling around with her husband.  This is a difficult life to live, because the constant attacks on the relationship and the constant hate can sometimes be unbearable.  If people want to kill your love life, is it better off dead?
            It doesn’t really matter which life you are living because in the end, you are alive.  You can choose which kind of life you want.  You can choose to live the life of not having a love life, or you can even chose to live the love life of someone else.  What’s great is that you can try any of these lives and switch whenever you want.  The only time you’re in trouble is if you aren’t happy with your life and you don’t do anything about it.  Why live this life when your other life is better?


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