May 23, 2012

sex in the curious city

Season 2, Episode 8 - The man, the myth, the viagra

In this episode, the theme is urban men myths. The ladies see these myths come to life: "Older Man /Younger Woman" via Samantha, "The (Un)Changed Man" via Big & Carrie, "Stopped for a cocktail after work and lived happily every after" via Miranda, and revisit the "Sex on the First Date that Turns Into Love" also via Miranda & Steve.

A quick note before I take a swim in Da Nile. I think the most pervasive urban man myth is that of the "Guy at the Bar/Club." Sometimes, girls go out to have fun & get into trouble or maybe even decompress with girl friends after a tough week. I think most single girls end up going out hoping against all reason that they will go out tonight and meet a guy... the guy. C'mon now. Don't let that one friend's friend's friend who met the love of her life that way fool you. It is a myth, and it's also asking for trouble. What guy in his right marital mind goes to a club to meet his future hunny bunny. Is it cupid that's screaming in the club "HI WHAT'S YOUR NAME?." I mean what a more eloquent response to the hunk in front of you than "HUH? WHAT?" Maaaaaaaaaaaybe it happens, but it's not gonna happen to you.

I don't think Miranda lack of belief in "Stopped for a cocktail after work and lived happily every after" is unfounded. I relate to Miranda the most bc she's the most practical about dating. Some have said I was "damaged goods" and jokingly asked "who hurt you?" to make me so bitter against men, but I'm not bitter! I like to think I'm just realistic. Skepticism is a wise attitude to take with guys. HOWEVER...

Ah, Denial, my old friend. Though I mentally barfed when Miranda ran after Steve (in the rain!!!) to say she does believe - she doesn't want to be a bitter old hag anymore!, I think there has to be a moment in ever bitter woman's life when she has to let that happen. This can happen consciously or just over time as you become a softie. Take for example, THIS bitter old hag - me. Though I spent the entire first month of interacting with BDF reacting with great skepticism and pish poshing all his "lines," I finally realized that I might actually like the guy. Sure, everyone around me already knew it and probably BDF too, but Da Nile... what can I say? I am a strong swimmer...

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