May 18, 2012

discover the curious city

[Bralet in a classy way]
New blog on my radar - Le Catch. Run by the West Coast Editor of Lucky Mag. "But  then I went to a cocktail party last week in Hollywood and came across the chicest woman I've met in a while. She was wearing a bustier top and a high-waisted A-line skirt. Just a sliver of her abdomen--the right (i.e., flat) part, just below the ribcage--was exposed. The fullness of her skirt helped offset the showy top, and the whole effect was rather dramatic and gorgeous and still demure." Inspired! Am I brave enough though?

Minerals are the new "in" things in home decor these days. It's not really "ME" but this would be a subtle way to partake in the mineral craze.

Wow wow wow. These hanging floral centerpieces are amazing. I'd love to do something like to hang up some plants in my patio.

I just like any and all floral patterns these days. I'm a sucker.

Hazelnut and strawberry cake. It puts the two best flavors in the world together.

Kelly green and cobalt are the color combos of the moment.  Saw it on two blogs this week. Adopted it as my colors of the month.

It's truly sad that West Elm doesn't have a wedding registry. Get with the program, yo! Why...what's so great about West Elm? To start: this flatware, these plates, and these pans...

Any other fans of New Girl out there? Schmidt aka Max Greenfield writes on goop this week.

This weekend? Wedding wedding wedding (not mine) duties.

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