June 6, 2012

sex in the curious city

Season 2, Episode 10 - The Caste System.

(I never know how to pronounce that word: caste as in paste? or caste as in cast? I always look it up and I always immediately forget...)

As usual, the character I most relate to is Miranda. Miranda wrestles with the fact that she, attorney, makes more money that Steve, bartender. When she tries to buy him a suit, he can't handle it. She feels "punished" for being successful. It's true - why should she have to suffer for having a career, having a shit together, and being financial successful?

I'm currently in a situation in which I share Miranda's sentiments. It's not that I have too much money, or make more money than BDF. I'd love to have those problems. Of all things, it's that I live in my humble little condo. My problem is with the Korean American adult community - yes all of them. Okay fine, maybe some of them.

As BDF and I start to think about the future, one of the big questions is where will we live? I bought a condo last May (Yay! 1 year anniversary!), and that's our logical, smartest, financially savviest option for the first few years. But, Korean American adults get their panties in a bunch about it! Simply because I am the woman, and BDF is the man. If the situation were reversed, no one would think anything of it, but because I'm the woman, people do a double take.

My inner Susan B. Anthony is outraged! Why can't people be happy/proud of me that I saved up my salary to buy myself a small place. Should I be punished for working hard? Should I be punished for getting married? They would rather that I do something crazy like, rent out my place, and go rent out another little apartment with BDF than be scandalously self-sufficient. How dare I!

-Outraged Junette Signing Out

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