June 25, 2012

stories from the curious city

This weekend recap contains 0 photos taken by me. I was too busy celebrating!

For my early birthday celebration, BDF surprised me with my first ever horseback riding adventure! We rented horses through Circle K and rode through Griffith Park for an hour! AMAZING! My body hates me.

I was pretty freaked out at first. Horses are huge! And I heard they can read straight into your soul and see how scared you are. And how black your heart is : (
As you can see, we had a third wheel. Super nice guy who took some photos for us.

The view between Pablo's ears. My horse was named Thunder! Pablo was prettier, but neither of them would listen to us.

Then, the gang and I went for 2 hours of ice skating at Pickwick Ice Rink in Burbank. Important summary: The hot chocolate was just as good as I remember from my childhood. Monica is an ice skating prodigy. I only fell once.
[Photo by visiting Bay Area friend, Jessica!]
Round 3 was delicious Peruvian food at Inti. So good, and here's the gang after it multiplied twofold.
[Cake cutting intensity]
Then we went for drinks in Koreatown at my favorite spot for Corn Cheese. Or is it Cheese Corn? All in all a very tiring but fun day. Very grateful for all my friends who showed up to say hi. My friends are better than yours! : P

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