September 17, 2012

stories from the curious city

Family gatherings on my mom's side happen twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so when there's an impromtu party, it's a free pass to be gluttonous and obnoxious. This past weekend, we celebrated my cousin Matt's transient visit to Torrance from Baltimore before he's off to Taipei for his rotation. The kicker is Wilson, Antony and I will also be heading to Taipei in 2 weeks so we're taking the party across the ocean.
1. We promptly made our way into the kitchen where Judy was mixing "juice"
2. Sticky rice by top chef Tiffany
3. Wilson being obnoxious
4. Grace being cute and obnoxious
5. Whoever blows the last card off the Jim Beam takes a shot, Tiffany was a pro
6. Charlie and Judy
[A night at Dodger Stadium]

The air was warm, without the thick humidity I've been hating these days.

[Loveliest view]

Though disappointed that we didn't get the promo of the night, we were soon appeased with the view from the Lower Reserve. Although... the view is great from anywhere.

The cool-a-coo was the great discovery of the night. Gone missing in 1998, but brought back this season - actually at the very game we attended. Thank you, new ownership!!!!

The season is almost over, and the heartbreaks have been too many to count. To reach the soaring high of winning, there have to be these kinds of seasons. I am realistic though: this season will end for us,  no postseason for us, we're sad competition in the wild card race.

There's a sort of numb acceptance that overtakes this Dodger fan this far into the season. The end of baseball... and we've got to wait how long for the next season!?? Winter will blanket the siren's call of the championship, but springtime means another chance, a new hope. Next year will be the year!

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