November 16, 2012

sex in the curious city

This week, we watched Episode 16 of Season 2: Was It Good for You? We see a lot of insecurities pop up as Charlotte's man of the minute falls asleep on her, Carrie's boy toy won't call her, and Samantha's threesome with a gay couple falls flat.

MC: The guy Charlotte is dating falls asleep on her while they are being intimate. Has BDF ever fallen asleep on you while you while you guys are talking on the phone, watching a movie, etc...?

MC: I probably wouldn't be able to, but I'd definitely make sure we work on it together. I don't think you could ever fault someone for that kind of thing. For example, say I like my nose to be picked by Antony but he doesn't do a good job because he has small fingers. Who's to say it's his finger's fault? Maybe I have big nostrils.

MC: Do you have any "bed-manners?" For example, must shower before entering bed? No eating in bed? Need to keep a nightlight on?

MC: I'm addicted to wine but I'm not an alcoholic! Oxymoron? I was addicted to online shopping but after being away from it for a month cause I was on vacation, I think I snapped out of it. However, I foresee myself getting tempted by all the holiday catalogues and black friday emails in the near future....

JS: I am definitely guilty of falling asleep while on the phone with BDF on days when I'm extremely tired. I think it happened a lot more when we first started dating and we just had so much to say to each other. I'm not sure how we went to work the next day after late night conversations! Now we're very practical, and we'll say, "I'm falling asleep," and then we hang up. Practical? Or maybe... just unromantic.

JS: Hypothetically, would you ever honestly be able to tell a partner how good/bad he is in bed? Would it be different with a one-night stand?

JS: I don't think I'm very particular about my bedtime rituals, but BDF is: no reading, no eating, no electronics! BUT, he breaks his own rules all the time by reading and using electronics before he goes to sleep. On the other hand, I tend to read or use the laptop in bed very regularly. I like being able to just lounge in bed. Luckily I have the whole giant bed to myself at least for 2 more months! My only real steadfast rule is no dogs on the bed (except on vacation). I just thought of another one: washing up before sleeping. SOMEONE I know didn't used to wash his face before going to sleep every night.... SOMEONE....

JS: Since Carrie's dating a guy with addictions, tell us some of your addictions!

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