January 15, 2013

girl in the curious city

Cute cafe, fresh flowers, tea, cookies, macaroons, cake, charming games, pretty dresses, lovely friends, and a delightful bride - if you tried to fit anything else into the bridal shower itinerary over the weekend, I think it would have exploded into a poof of daisies and ponies. It was that disgustingly beautiful.
Although I opted not to do many of the wedding traditions that had no particular meaning for me, (e.g. garter, something borrowed, something blue, etc.) the bridal shower was a tradition I wanted to partake in because I love the women in my life and wanted to spend time with them as a single gal. I wanted to make sure that my friends were there, but also my family and future family. The bridesmaids pulled together a scrapbook of the guests and their well-wishes. This has to be my favorite gift from that day!

However, after deciding to do the bridal shower, I was stricken with guilt and hesitation. I felt unsure if it was too much of a burden to ask my sister to host such an expensive event and for friends to spend a Saturday with me and especially to give gifts. I felt that this event was unnecessarily exhorbitant and demanding. After a lot of hemming and hawing, I realized that my friends did not necessarily have to spend a ton of ca$h money on me, but they probably did want to come and shower me with love. To be completely honest, I would have to say that opening the gifts was the most difficult part of the day! I tend to avoid opening gifts in front of the gift giver, and this time, I was worried that my guilty feelings would be misunderstood as not appreciating the gifts. I tried to let my genuine feelings of thanks show through, and I realized that my friends enjoyed seeing all the gifts I received!

Matching my lovely friends and their happiness for me was the ambiance of the bridal shower. The bridal shower had the most beautiful decor pulled together by my MOH, my sister, and it complemented the already beautiful space of Caffe Concerto. (Check out that urban wallpaper, yo!)

All in all the bridal shower is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that is so sweet and humbling. What a lucky bride I am!

All photos by my brother in law, Joseph Koh.

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  1. Everything and everyone looks so beautiful! Wish I could have been there!