March 11, 2013

discover the curious city

Having already dined at Red Hill twice before for dinner, I was curious to see what they had to offer for brunch. My favorite dish from the dinner menu is Pickles, Bread, Butter. It's so simple yet so freakishly tasty because they pickle everything in house. I was confident that anything pickled on the brunch menu would be equally satisfying.

But before I get to the food, no brunch would be complete without some refreshing mimosas. My friend Chandra and I added a scoop of meyer lemon sorbet to our mimosas and oh my was that a brilliant idea. As you drink your way down to the bottom of the glass, you get a surprise flavor punch to finish it off. 
Now to the food. I ordered the Yam Biscuit with egg, avocado, tomato, pickled cabbage, and chile mole. I ate half of the dish before realizing that the egg was cooked sunny side up. My mistake because it tasted mediocre up until that moment. Then I broke the yolk and let it gush all over the yam biscuit and mole sauce. All good from there on out. The whole dish was ultra savory so I much appreciated the pickled cabbage on the side which helped mediate all the big flavors. Chandra ordered the Fried Cod Sandwich with pickled cabbage, capers, tartar and fries. I did not try her fish sandwich but from watching her eat I could tell it was a hit. I did try the french fries and damn they were good and really well seasoned. I give Red Hill's brunch menu a total of 3.5 stars (out of 5) due to some service errors and the disappointment experienced through half of my dish. Fries and mimosas alone would be 5 stars.
For our ladies' brunch this month, we ate at the Gorbals, which is called KTCHN DTLA during brunch only. (I think...I couldn't find any proof of this.) It even has a separate Yelp listing. At first I didn't realize that it was inside a historic apartment building in the way back. After hunting for it, you are enter a hipster lair and are rewarded with delicious food.

As much attitude as the menu had.... the staff was actually very friendly and served us even though I didn't roll in with my fixie and all my clothes weren't vintageous.

We ordered the Sun Dried Tomato Scramble, Carnitas Egg Benedict, and Corn Bread French Toast. I thought the food was great and very flavorful. I understand the prices are high because they food is unique. Corn Bread made into French Toast truly does deserve $5 extra dollars - so smart! However, some of the other subtleties were lost on me.

And of course, I couldn't help but check out the chairs... and the industrial light fixtures. I really do have a problem with chairs. Does anyone want me to help you find nice chairs? You can repay me with brunch...

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