December 22, 2011

If You're Curious...

Now that you've come to know us a little bit, we wanted to tell you more about In the Curious City.

Every day, we'll be bringing you fresh content. Due to Junette's love of orderly plans, we'll be giving the scoop on the following topics according to this general schedule:
  • Stories from the Curious City on Mondays: Our weekend recaps of adventuring.
  • At Home in the Curious City on Tuesdays: DIYs, our personal projects, and our inspirations for turning our respective places into real homes.
  • Sex in the Curious City on Wednesdays: Each week, we'll be writing our musings and advice on love and realationship, based on 1 episode of Sex and the City. We'll be starting at the beginning with Season 1, Episode 1.
  • Girl in the Curious City on Thursdays: A day for each of us to post on other topics of personal interest.
  • Discover the Curious City on Fridays: Previews of our upcoming weekend plans & links to keep you company through the weekend.
xo & xo
monica & junette

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