December 23, 2011

Meet Junette Part Deux

If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?
The question of the century. I can’t get a tattoo cause I can’t think of anything worth having forever, but I want one. I thought of different things like quotes that I find are inspirational but they are too long. I would probably get a turtle, which reminds me of my grandfather who passed away while I was in college. We were very close. He always bought us kids these turtle figurines because he wanted us to live slow but steady, long lives. I wouldn’t want it to be in a place where anyone can see because I think it has a private meaning. But now since it’s being put on the internet, maybe I should put it on my forehead. (Sorry!)

What is something that you want to accomplish but you haven’t?
There’s all the crafty stuff that I want to accomplish like make a quilt or build furniture. But something I want to accomplish on a deeper level: I want to find a way to teach people how to appreciate cities and urban spaces that aren’t considered pretty or a desirable place to visit. I don’t know if that means teaching a class or writing books or running an organization. I feel like there are places in every city that are overlooked. When people visit LA, they go to Hollywood or Santa Monica or Venice. But they don’t go to East LA where the food is really good andwhere there are a lot of historical things to see. I want to teach people to appreciate every part of the city, even parts that are “ghetto” or “dangerous” or “inner cities.” Making everyday city scenes appreciated.

If Bennet and Miki have a love child, what would it look like?
Bennett’s flamboyant tail, he wags it like “this” (both arms swinging in unison side to side). Miki’s short legs. Bennet’s spots. It’ll be a girl so I don’t have to draw “you know.”

What makes someone incredibly sexy?
Incredibly sexy is a complicated formula of being very good looking and of having a body that is buff but not too buff. I don’t like when it’s too big—not “it”—I mean the body (awkward laughter ensues...), I mean muscle! In order to remain sexy, once you open your mouth you have to be smart and not pompous. So that means you have to not know you are sexy. Not knowing you are sexy makes you more sexy. The sexiest thing is having something you are passionate about. Then if you have a dog, it makes you extra sexy.

Define curiosity.
The desire to learn more. A desire in a light, playful way. I am always curious about how to make things. I’m a big DIY person. It’s evolved. It used to be more about making purses and things to wear. But now its more centered around the home because I live by myself in a new home.

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