December 23, 2011

Meet Monica: Part 2

[Monica on an LA Eating Adventure]

What neighborhood in LA do you live? What is your absolute favorite LA eat?
I live on the border of Koreatown and Silver Lake - no man’s land, where crime happens. I will be moving into Silver Lake, officially, which is pretty awesome. My favorite LA eat ever: now that I’m “pescetarian” I really really like Sage Organic Bistro in Echo Park.

In a fight, would Miki or Bennet win and why?
I think it would be a draw because they would both run away. Miki is a scaredy cat, and Bennet is a scaredy dog. Honestly. I think they both have kind souls. They’re not combative. They would hug and kiss!

[Hazy Girls Nights Out]
Since you work so hard every weekday, you must really look forward to the weekend. What would your perfect Saturday be like? (And what would you be wearing?)
I’d wake up at 11 AM but stay in bed for another hour before getting ready. I’d open my huge closet and wear a dress, tights, boots, and coat. And I’d wear make up, which is a big deal because I look like dirt on the weekdays. I'd go for brunch with my boyfriend and we'd sit outside even though it’s cold so we can people watch. Eat where? I would probably eat brunch at Local, which is right across from my new place. All their veggies are from local suppliers. After I eat, we’d go to the Farmer’s Market and buy some groceries. Then I’d go to a museum and take lots of photos, only because I can’t go hiking in my dress. After that, I’d want to meet up with my girlfriends and eat at a bustling restaurant, such as Bottega Louie. We’d get drinks at Varnish, the speakeasy, and talk. Ideally my boyfriend would come pick me up and then we’d go home and “play with Miki.”

What are 3 design aesthetics you do not like?
grandma (like paisley); sharp/all black/hard - often categorized as goth or rocker; and cutesy things like Murakami. I can appreciate Takashi Murakami but I would never incorporate it into my design aesthetic ... anymore. I've grown out of it.

Tell us a secret!
I stole a tag from a Nautica jacket from Burlington Coat Factory because I thought it was so cool. It was made of waterproof material. I felt so guilty that I threw it away after I left the mall. I was 10.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my friend, Monica - the juvenile delinquent! This is going to be fun! She and I are so different, and it will be fun to bring you different viewpoints on this blog.

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