January 17, 2012

At Home in the Office

Sometime during grad school, I got rid of my desk bc I only used it as a place to pile up junk. I did my studying on the laptop (on my lap), at friends' apartments, or the library. I never thought I'd have to use a desk again.

Now that I don't have a desk, I sometimes yearn to have a craft/work desk again. Grass is always greener, I guess. If I were a full-time blogger, I think I might be able to justify setting up a workspace at home, but for now I'll just do so virtually.

[At Home in the Office]
From the top:
Task lamp that reminds me of those really awesome pendants all over the web. I'm obsessed with clear acrylic office organizers. DIY a long narrow wood desk with spray painted Ikea legs (white). Comfy chair where I can put my legs up. Also love lacquer organizing boxes. Ottoman for Bennet/my feet. Finally, a rug I've long admired from Overstock. It's pretty monochromatic, but that's bc I need the simplicity and calm of the workspace to deal with the crazy piles of fabric, papers, and ideas in my head!

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