January 11, 2012

Beware of Singles

Sex and the City Season 1, Episode 3, Bay of Married Pigs:

In the opening scene, Carrie is exiled from her Married Friend's home. The cause? Carrie wakes up to Mr. Married Friend proudly exposed from the waist down en route to the restroom. The reason? Mrs. Married Friend believes potential equals crime and single equals enemy.

The prejudice that a single person cannot be trusted around a married person is totally misguided. It is based on the crass assumption that the single person is a predator and the married person is the innocent prey. Not to be cruel but unless the married person is being raped, there is no grounds for anyone to play victim. 

I admit it is difficult for me not to be cautious of other single women around my man because I may not know their agenda. But I think this logic should be applied to all women because even those in relationships wander. Then why not apply this logic to men. Shouldn't I be wary of other men hitting on my man? I think there is a right and wrong answer here. The wrong answer is, "No I'm not worried because my man is straight." The right answer is, "No I'm not worried because my man loves me." I've come to realize that my man either loves me or not. Someone else, single or not, cannot "steal" him away. If it ends, it is because either his heart or mine is no longer in the relationship.

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