January 12, 2012

Flowers 101

Let me persuade you to read this post.
Ladies: If you don't appreciate flowers, you can't be human! You must hate balloons and birthday cakes, and you can't stand sunshine. Unless you want to be categorized as a flower-hater and overall hater-of-life, read on.
Sirs: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. As are your mother's birthday (sometime this year, no?) and Mother's Day.

Flowers are flowers. Any gift of flowers is lovely. Even when you're given a bouquet of yellow daises (my most unfavorite) or the ever-popular dozen roses.

When you give or are given unique flowers that are less mainstream, it says, "You're special," "You're different." Wait.. these sound like euphemisms for "you're stupid." I mean... it says "You're special to me," "I put real thought into picking these flowers."

Here are some flower ideas that I particularly like and can be more meaningful than carnations, lilies, tulips, daisies, roses, or the usual mixed bouquet from Ralph's (all still lovely!). They're common enough, so you don't have to hunt them down, but they're different.

Poppies (my favorite)
Succulents - Heck you can definitely DIY a little planter of succulents. Go to Trader Joe's and buy 4-5 different succulents, and then transplant them to a pretty pot you bought at Home Depot or online. And, these are impossible to kill.
Air plants - I bought some as Christmas gifts and for myself from Air Plant Supply Co. I bought various clear containers from Cost Plus World Market, Crate & Barrel, and thrift stores. No need for soil!
[My Dining Table Arrangement]
[My Favorite is the Geometric Vase from a Thrift Store!]

If you want some inspiration: my go-to blogs when I need a breath of virtual fresh flowers are Saipua and Frolic.

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