January 27, 2012

Crafty Girls: Valentine's

[My 2 favorite inspiration bc I love astronomy! Sources are below]
Friday night, I'm hosting Craft Night at my place for 8 ladies of varying crafting skills. Last time, only 1 person actually crafted while everyone drank wine and chitchatted, so this time, I offered 2 choices - painting Valentine's cards/gifts and making necklaces.

Some Valentine's day inspiration I will have up for the girls (and myself!):
* = easy    -    ** = medium      -     *** = difficult, but still do-able
* Easy Valentine's day text with flowers - Studio Slo Mo
* If your Mom is your Valentine! - Fugu Fugu Press
* Paint the background, then write the text - Studio Slo Mo
* Scattered Hearts - Shortgrass Designs
* Cute pattern, you can write anything - Anemone Letterpress
** Handmade stripes - Social Proper
** Cheese McCheese Venn Diagram - Anemone Letterpress
*** Assorted cards - Rifle Paper Co
*** Watercolor Hearts - Social Proper
*** More complex bu do-able painting with a cheeeesy line - Our Paper Shop
*** Stars pictured above - Quill and Fox, Collen Ellse

P.S. Quill and Fox's aesthetic is uncomfortably similar to Rifle Paper Co.... design theft or no?

Edit: Yas from Quill and Fox emailed me and provided some more information on her design process:
"I've always been inspired by UPA styles and anything reminiscent of Little Golden Book things. I like to channel a lot of Wes Anderson's very straight on art direction most of the time too"
"I wish there some way I can show you how I decide on the colors and what to draw, but a lot of these happen organically and with no calculated copying."
"Rifle and I can easily run into the same images as with any, but what makes it jarring for people is that we also draw kind of the same way." 
Not to make a purposely pretentious analogy, but would you think that all impressionist painters copied Monet? Probably not. Anyway, thanks Yas for your sweet emails!


  1. agreed. quill and fox are complete design thieves. the hello cards are the obvious give away that this was no coincidence. This breaks my heart.

  2. if i were rifle paper co i would be pissed. also, i'm uncomfortable with how many people on the internet gleefully note that quill and fox reminds them of rifle paper co.

    1. I guess I'm not around the internet enough to have seen others who have noticed the similarities - gleefully or not. links?

  3. These comments were just updated yesterday.