January 30, 2012

Fiesta Friday & El Crafting

What better than a long day of work than gathering with friends, feasting on mexican food, and being forced into doing arts & crafts?

[Tacos and Dos Equis]
Everyone's Mexican food contributions were muy bueno, and I thought it was very fitting than someone brought Dos Equis.

Most of us made variations of the wood bead necklaces from Sally J Shim. I purchased brass nuts from a hardware store, wood beads from an arts & crafts store, and instead of twine, I bought crochet thread with metallic threads.
[Tape to table Method]
Everyone had a unique way of approaching the necklace building and of ordering the beads. Some had a more difficult time than others, but in the end, the necklaces were very chic. We all also made a pact not to wear it when we see each other so as not to look like twins. And by pact, I mean, I threatened everyone never to wear them when we see each other.
[Done and modeled]
Many of us also painted. Some were pros and some were very very beginners.
[Monica paints (pro level)]
[Valentine's Day Cards]
In case you're wondering about the nails of the headless person on the left, that's Annie and you should real her nail polish blog, Nailstah.

Jealous?  We also had a huuuge pitcher of delicious sangria for the whole night. Here, let me ease your jealousy - I've been having the worst allergies since last week. U-g-h. That's the only part of my weekend that sucked. Adios, amigos! Til tomorrow!

P.S. I have two sets of necklace supplies left (beads, brass nuts, string) from no-shows. If you're interested in purchasing it from me, email me at junette (at) inthecuriosity.com or leave a comment on this post. I'm asking $7 for each kit, including shipping.

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