January 10, 2012

H.D. Buttercup Outlet

The H.D. Buttercup sale is going on through this coming weekend, but I stopped by this past weekend. The actual H.D. Buttercup store is huge, and I didn't have a chance to see all of it. I did do a walkthrough of the outlet section, and there's a ton of stuff. There are 2 big piles of rugs, but they seemed dirty and none of the patterns caught my eye. They had chairs, sofas, chandeliers, lamps, and other decor, but just a few items that caught my eye:

[Stripey sofa]
 I don't like the shape that much (I like the arms though), but I really liked the fabric.
[Herringbone! Stripes! These colors!!]
 Another sofa I liked, in the forest green color that I've been liking lately. Look at the tufting!
[Sexy Sofa]
 And of course, no post is complete without my all time favorite - Thonet reproduction chairs! This one was only $30! There was only 1 though.
[Thonet Chair]
Some other exciting home updates: I didn't clean my house this weekend! GASP. I feel so dirty. I also bought a stepstool for the kitchen after I broke the last Ikea plastic step with my fat jumping-to-reach-something @ss. And the searches for the perfect dining room rug, side table, and sofa continue...

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