January 2, 2012

Into the Wild

[Smash with shenanigans in the background]
I remember the weekend through the great eats I had. The weekend began early, with a sleepover at my place on Thursday -  homemade Mac n' Cheese, homemade chicken wings. Then we headed up to the cabin - homemade breakfast burrito, Korean BBQ. On NYE, we lounged and lounged and lounged - waffle bar, turkey pesto sliders, chili and pulled pork sandwiches with homemade coleslaw. The food was plentiful as were the dogs. Five dogs!

[Luna and Bennet overlook the scenic view]
[Said scenic view]
We returned to the city for New Year's Day with our bellies full and dog hair all over everything. It was an eventful New Year's Day for our family - 1st and 2nd generations altogether. I found out that my aunt added socks to all her furniture, there was a visit to the ER (she's okay), and we had a great live performance of John Denver's Back Home Again. Another great family holiday signals the close to a much-needed winter break.

[Get well soon!]

[Dobby says Happy New Year!]
2012 will be a great one!

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