January 3, 2012

Elements of Cabin Style

The cabin we stayed in last week/end was three floors of awesomeness, complete with shaggy carpet and 70s furniture. It wasn't until too late that we realized there were probably cats in there = killer allergies for several of us. Despite my sore throat, stuffed sinuses, and overall miserable state, I was able to rouse myself and take some photos. You owe me, readers.
[Snooty Stag]
The cabin owner was big on metal animals. I liked these two the best. Definitely transferable to a city home, but I'd recommend just one metal animal per room. I wouldn't mind having a brass squirrel on my mantel for Bennet to bark at all day.

[Not 1 but 2 crystal decanters]
Something else pretty cool that I'd want in my place is a crystal decanter, especially since I have a (rarely used) wet bar. Fancy, I know.
[Mini painting]
There were a couple little oil paintings lining the wall. With the frame, it's a little too rustic, but if you popped it out of the frame and just hung it on its own, it could look sophisticated.

My favorite room was the downstairs bathroom, which had a lot of fun and fugly stuff. 
[Glittery countertops]
 I really liked this glittery countertop, but only for say... a kids' bathroom.
[Chevron shower curtain]
And since everything old is new again, this ancient shower curtain fits right into the trend of chevron patterns, but it's way better bc it's composed of variegated lines and glitter!

Finally, let me show you the absolute worst and unredeemable feature of the house:
[Cockatoo wall hanging]

[A close-up for your viewing pleasure]
Hanging in that downstairs bathroom (of course to match the glitter counters and shower curtain, and peach towels and bathrugs), I saw this horrible sight, and I thought I'd ruin your Tuesday morning with it. Unforgivably ugly!

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