January 31, 2012

Walk of Shame - Free Furniture

"oh man I just picked up some chairs on the side of the road" - text to my sister Monday morning at 9:27 AM.

[The Chairs of Shame. I started sanding the one on the left.]
Sometimes when I walk Bennet, I try to be strategic in case I can find some good furniture pieces. In 7 months of living at my place, I've only twice been tempted to pick up furniture left out on the sidewalk. Both times, when I went back, they were gone and I knew it was meant to be (or not be). Why did I need a patio table and yet another coffee table, right?

Just a block from my place, I walked by two bar/counter Windsor style chairs that seemed legit. I tried not to get excited, and I told myself that I would pick them up if they were still there on my way to work. I actually forgot about them when I went back, and re-remembered as I drove down the street. "If I make this light, then I'll go by to see if they're still there." I made the light. The chairs were still there.

I pulled over right in front of the curb with my hazards on. (I took out my keys though, what if someone jumped in and stole my car!?) I thought I would test them, to see if they were uneven or whatnot, but I lost my nerve. I immediately threw open the trunk, hoisted the chairs in there, did a quick look around (no one saw), and I jumped in the car. THREE TIMES my engine failed to catch. When my engine finally started, I drove off with the speed of shame.

I already know what I'm going to do:
1) Sand the wood. It's pretty worn and I already have so much wood furniture at my place.
2) Prime those babies.
3) Paint white but with some bright colorblocking.

I've already reasoned that if they're the wrong height, I'll give them to my parents for their kitchen counter. I don't care if they don't want them. I don't care if they already have counter chairs!

I didn't even know I wanted Windsor chairs, but I guess this image has remained in my head after all this time.
My chairs aren't as spindly and the back isn't 100% traditional windsor though. But the colors make me want to scream - I love 'em.

Some photos that are inspiring me.
[Over on the corner. Source]
What about these colors for the pop o' color?
[Sea Anemone]
[Morning Fog]

Or should I be frugal and use what I already have - hot pink, yellow? More updates on the (refinished) chairs next week!

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