January 31, 2012

A Well Warmed Home

Saturday has come and gone and I am experiencing post-housewarming depression. Although I was mostly running around with my head chopped off in my goofy apron, I was thoroughly able to take in all the love and laughter.
Appetizers: Olives, cheese (triple creme brie, cranberry and truffle) and salami with my favorite crackers Raincoast Crisps. Top Left: Funky Michael Graves teapot resting on our DIY dining table.
Left: Baby Clive decked out in full hipster attire at his first Silver Lake party. Right: Clive is the spitting image of Krista. They are so beautiful.
Antony was mostly preoccupied in the back yard with BBQ-ing (for the first time) in the dark. The massive 3 inch thick Costco patties did not make it any easier.
Left: Antony taking a breather under the calm diffuse light of our Noguchi pendant. Right: Cara hanging out in my room looking for Miki.
Family bonding in the kitchen. They always have a drink in hand.
Left: Live entertainment provided by Rina. She serenaded us with her rendition of Lil' Wayne's How To Love. Right: Shy Daniel in my Tolix Marais A56. Behind is Wilson's Supreme X George Condo skate deck.
Miki on Junette on the quilt she made me for Christmas. Cute.
So much love.


  1. I love MIKI!!!!!! (and you guys.)

    1. Miki loves you too! That's why she was drooling so much!

  2. Your home looks so cozy -- lovely pics! And Krista's kid is too cute. That pic of him hanging out on the couch with the EMPTY PLASTIC CUP is killing me!

  3. so fun! your place is so cozy and homie <3 thanks for having us!