January 20, 2012

Weekend Whaling

[Sisterly love (hate?) circa 1989]
No, I will not be hunting whales this weekend. My sister will be here this weekend, visiting from the Bay Area. Usually her visits entail lots of eating and lots of laying around, like a beached whale. Yes, she calls me that all the time. Isn't she mean? Well, if you wore glasses like that in 1989, you would probably also be mean to your cute little sister in her matching denim outfit.

My sister promised to introduce me to the world of fondue. She's been raving about it for 2 weeks, and I've endured her madwoman monologues about cheese fondue with patience. She bought this fondue set, and she's bringing it down.

My parents live on the West Side in a freezing cold house, so I'm packing my bags and snowclothes for the weekend. I hate the food on the West Side, but we'll see if we have time to go to Honey's Kettle for some fried chicken. Mmmm. If not, we'll probably go to our favorite fatty sisters spots of Islands or the Counter.

I might be carless, but hopefully I'll be able to catch a ride to wander the aisles of Wertz Bros Antique Mall - possibly my favorite place on the West Side. If my whale instincts end up taking over, then I'll probably lounge around at home with the Kindle. I'm currently reading White Fang, which I don't think I've ever read. The movies (White Fang 1 & 2) are my favorites!!!

Then Sunday, it's the usual routine, but on Sunday evening lovely Monica and I will be meeting up to work on a surprise post(s) for you even lovelier readers : )

On an urban planning note, here's an quick little article and documentary about Detroit. As an urban planner, Detroit is like a dream - the blight and economic destruction of it is heartbreaking (=motivational) but the opportunities to revitalize it are exciting and boundless(=some revolutionary things could happen!)

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  1. Ahahaha I want to pinch those cheeks! Big Sisters rule. :)