January 19, 2012

What Takes the Cake?

I have birthdays, and thus birthday cakes, on my mind this week. Today I'll be sharing my favorite spots for birthday cakes in the greater Los Angeles area.

[Paris Baguette's cakes]
Paris Baguette ($$$): In Koreatown - on Alexandria & 6th, also on Western & 2nd. Other locations in Glendale, Garden Grove, etc.  Their sweet potato cake is good but slightly heavy - I recommend trying it if you like sweet potatoes. Their green tea chiffon cake is good and pretty light. Their various fruit cakes are good, even their blueberry chiffon (Blueberries usually make me barf). Paris Baguette is my favorite Korean bakery, but it's also the priciest.

Cake House ($$): In Koreatown - inside the Galleria Market on Olympic & Western, inside the City Center Mall on 6th & Alexandria, inside the new Galleria Market mall on Vermont & 5th. Their mocha cake is good and light - not too sweet. They also have these little mini cakes and cake slices that are perfect for bringing home as a random surprise. Yum. Prices are still high, but not as high as Paris Baguette.

New York Bakery ($): In Koreatown - on 8th & Catalina. My sister's wedding cake was catered by New York Bakery. Their cakes are typical of the older Korean bakeries (Manna, Manmi etc.) Cheap but still delicious. Can tend to have slightly oversweet frosting, but the bread is legit.

Baskin Robbin's ($$): In LA - on 3rd & Ardmore, Larchmont & Beverly. In my lifetime I'm sure I've tried every single type of cake they have. I personally like the cakes with vanilla bread + whatever ice cream flavor except mint. The bread part is VERY dense. The frosting is always too much so you have to scrape it off. BUT when you're in the mood for ice-cream cake, nothing beats Baskin Robbin's. It's our family fave.

Susina ($$$$): In LA - on Beverly & La Brea. I don't know what I've had here, but the cakes here are huge, a little too sweet for me, and extremely rich/filling. I know it's SUPER SUPER famous, but it's SUPER SUPER expensive...

[Paradise Cake]
King's Hawaiian ($$): In Torrance. Very light overall. Flavor is not strong. Definitely not on the too sweet side and their frosting is not too sweet either. The rainbow paradise cake is The cake to get here. There's one layer of guava, passion fruit, and lime bread with fruit

Junior's (?): In Westwood - on Westwood & Pico. When I was younger, I LOVED their Strawberry Shortcake and asked for it for my birthdays.

Porto's ($): The legendary bakery, in Burbank, Glendale, and Downey. So cheap for how huge the cakes are. Definitely not light like Korean bakeries, but rich and heavy. It's a slice-sharing type of cake. I've tried the red velvet, oreo cheesecake, and milk and berries. It's easy to order ahead of time - just check out the website and call.

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  1. what??? no sweet lady janes?!@??!@ you've also gotta check out red ribbon bakery and another one which i can't remember right now.
    or frances in little tokyo.