January 18, 2012

Ebb and Flow and Grow

I'd like to answer the question Junette posed at the end of her post Old and young, high and low re the SATC episode Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys.

As a long long long term relationship folk, I can look you in your virtual eye and report that I still get high. There are ebbs and moments of stillness, and there are those rushes and gushes. But I am just happy there is a constant flow.

The constant flow is something I cherish moreover than the highs. I can look back at photographs and souvenirs and tell you exactly when our relationship experienced its highs. I can say that those highs are what got us to this point. But for me, it's equally the lows. Not necessarily the lows as in the fights, but the lows as in the doubts, challenges, and hardships. At the end of the episode, Carrie says "I've outgrown the boys of my past, but not quite grown into the men of my future." I think it is a matter of finding someone who is willing to grow together.

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