February 15, 2012

Menage-ing & Pre-occupied Beds

Three's a Crowd - Season 1, Episode 8.

In this episode, Charlotte explores the idea of engaging in a threesome after her next "perfect"man brings it up. This guy is smart bc he flatters her while asking her for the threesome. "You have no idea how sexy you are," etc. Charlotte actually becomes open to trying it, but when they try to have a threesome, her boyfriend and the other woman go at it, completely forgetting Charlotte. This ending just further affirmed my view on threesomes.

What is it with men and threesomes? It's the universal fantasy that I just cannot understand. Maybe I'm too square to understand, but actually I think it's that I can see right through it! It's nothing but a big hoax! Threesomes are merely a man's way to get his significant other to let him sleep with someone else by preying on the woman's insecurity. He veils it as a sexual fantasy, convincing the woman that if she really were great at sex, she'd try the threesome. The woman, not wanting to bore the man, will then comply. But really, the man just wants to sleep with another woman for once in his miserable committed life. I see right through you!!!

Simultaneously, Carrie finds out that Mr. Big was once married, and she can't get over it.  Let's be honest here, even if you're the sanest of sane women, the EX is the one thing that you can't help but lose control of your jealous side that you usually rope in very very well. Ex-girlfriend, girl you once dated, girl you once saw -- they all cause this crazy reaction: you are horrified but you just have to know more. It's almost masochistic. Personally I try to limit myself to knowing the barest of details. The more you know, the more it hurts. BUT sometimes I can't help myself and just have to ask. Some people are of the school of thought that the past doesn't matter, but I honestly believe (this is not my crazy side talking) that prior relationships really affect your significant other. You cannot have a full understand of s.o. until you know more about the s.o.'s history.

Carrie says it best: Even if you're the only person in the bed, someone has been there before you.

In any relationship, you have to get over it. Whether you get over it in the beginning, or whether you let it loom over the relationship for the longest time, you cannot proceed with the relationship until you swallow the fact that he slept with someone else, dated someone else, liked someone else, and/or even loved someone else. Just look on the bright side, if he hadn't experienced the women before you, he would never have become the man he is now - good or bad but probably for the better. After all, think of all your exes who "trained" to be more attentive, interesting, love, caring boyfriends. How many times have you thought, "his next girlfriend owes me!!"

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