February 16, 2012

Presenting Presents

In the past few months, I've given and received some presents that are worth sharing. Today I'm sharing 4 that I haven't shown in previous posts. Maybe it's my misled gift-giver vanity - I have a (well-deserved!) big ego about being a good gift-giver.

For Monica's Birthday in December, I bought waaaaay ahead of time these cat pillows. They're a cat couple like Monica & Ant. All things cat remind me of Monica bc of her adorable cat, Miki.
[Cat couple. Sorry - blurry pic]
For Christmas I made blankets for a couple of friends using this purlbee tutorial. Man what a labor of love. It took a million years longer than it should have, and it took me way too long to pick out fabrics. Though the tutorial was simple, I found it to be medium-difficult bc the fabric was so large that it was tough to align everything, pin everything, sew it and still keep it aligned, etc. The one I made for Monica had a city-like pattern, to commemorate In the Curious City! This one was lime green to match the color of this friend's walls.

Read more after the jump to see the best DIY present EVER!

["Lap Duvet"]
Cindy bought me something like this clothing steamer for a late housewarming gift. So convenient! And my parents borrow it all the time. Mine is yellow and much more adorable than this white version,

And finally, the best of DIYed presents. My Christmas present from BDF was 2 handmade aprons by BDF. Remember these crazy faces I made? Well this is why:
[Reversible Apron]
[DINOSAURS!! Chef''s apron]
[Proof that he made it himself!]


  1. HE MADE THOSE??? So cute! He has more sewing skills than I do!

  2. I am BDF and I approve this message

    1. AHAHAHA finally the infamous BDF has emerged!!!

  3. WHAT? I also approve of BDF's sewing ability! Those are adorable. And dinosaurs! How perfect.