February 17, 2012

Finally Friday

[My Valentine's Day card from Craft Night, inspired by my fave chapter 21 from the Little Prince]
It seems like every Friday, I am just so weary. I didn't even realize it was a 3-day weekend, and I'm only a little bit joyous.

Some Links:
 My Weekend:
  • I'm going to try to get a haircut. I usually go to Du Japon Hair Club, which is a little bit pricier ($60-70) compared to all the $15 Ktown salons. But, I justify it to myself because I only cut my hair twice a year and they're the best. Usually I check out this Japanese hairstyle website and browse the pictures (the universal language), and print it out for the hair stylist.
  • Craving two fish tacos from Best Fish Taco in Ensenada.
  • Dinner at a new Korean BBQ joint, Kang Hodong Baekjeong. I guess it's owned by a Korean celebrity.. or they paid him for use of his name.. haha
  • More painting of the chair (just 1). I bought white paint, sealer, turpentine in prep for this.

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