February 28, 2012

Naked Windo No Mo

For the 2nd bedroom, I finally got it together and put up some roman shades so my poor guests wouldn't be woken up at 6 AM with sunlight shining in their faces. You can see ones I made for my bedroom here along with some more tips. As that post mentions, I used this tutorial and I take 0 credit for coming up with this idea by myself.

Roman shades from Home Depot. (~$30 for 46"x 48") 
Fabric from Ikea (2 yards)
Fabri-Tac (already own)
3M Spray Adhesive Formula 77 (already own)
Quilt binding (2 packages from Joann's)

Step 1:
Put up the roman shades according to instructions.
[Mark where the brackets go and screw them in]
[Put the shades in place and secure]
[Shades are up. Now, take em back down so that you can add the fabric.]
Step 2:

Lay out the shades. Then lay out the fabric and cut roughly to size.

[Getting laid... haha....ha]
[Bennet laying out the fabric]
[Cut roughly to size]
Step 3:
Spray the back of your fabric in open space (like my tiny patio) with adhesive. Then lay it out and stick!
[The two glues] 
[Stuck on you]
Step 4:
Unstick the top part where there are some strings that make the shade go up/down. Unstick, cut a slit to go around the string and then restick.
[Cut the fabric. Don't worry it won't show.]
[Lay it back down. Can't even see it!]
 Step 5:

Trim the fabric using the roman shades as a guide. You can put your scissors right along the edges of a shade to get a close trim. Repeat this for the little flap along the top of the shades. This little flap is crucial for hiding all the strings and unclean lines at the top.

[All glued on and trimmed]
Step 6:
Add the double fold bias tape along the edges with Fabri-tac and voila! New custom shades! Put the shades back onto the bracket, and NAKED WINDO NO MO!

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