March 22, 2012

Black Hogg

A seemingly unpretentious restaurant recently opened in a hole in the wall location flanked by a liquor store and beauty salon at the corner of Silver Lake and Sunset. We walked over to Black Hogg on a Sunday night around 8pm.

The place was full, but not packed. There is a bar seating area but no actual bar. It is BYOB. We were quickly seated and presented with the menu.
The three of us ordered family style the Oysters, Uni Toast, Wild Mushrooms, Mussels, Cod, and Churros.

The Oysters were fresh but not memorable.

The Uni Toast tasted interesting and had a good texture to it.

The Wild Mushrooms were my favorite. It is basically assorted mushrooms and sauce on a huge thick slab of sweet toast. The toast soaked up the flavors and juices so when you bite into it, there is an eruption in your mouth, or at least that's what happened in my mouth. The only beef I have with this dish is the price, $14 is way too steep.

The best part about the Cod dish was the waffle chips. The waffle chips were really thin and crisp but somehow still had an inside that was soft like fries. This dichotomy blows my mind. So good with the tartar sauce.

The Mussels were stinky like taiwanese stinky tofu. The smoky bacon was the funk that made the stank. The bacon is not your typical bacon strip or bacon bites, but chunks of pinky smoked bacon. I didn't have any of the bacon but the guys really liked it.

The Churros were perfectly accompanied with a side of warm chocolate ganache. The crunchy versus the gooey plus the spicy and sweet combination made this dish the main event of the night. I will be marching over here just for this during those late night, sweet toothaches...
I will return to try the Fried Olives and the Ricotta Salad. I have to say the prices are a little annoying and pretentious like high end bar food. But the hits were home runs so I'll stop complaining and shut up now.

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