March 28, 2012

Breakup Blues

We're already starting Season 2! Season 2 - Episode 1: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
This episode had a lot of baseball analogies, which I appreciated and found amusing. As great as the news about Magic Johnson buying the Dodgers (YAHOO!!!!!!!!) was, I'm going to save my baseball fervor for baseball season.

Carrie is going through the breakup blues, and I had personally almost forgotten about the awfulness of breaking up. Man, what an ordeal. Not only the process leading up to the breakup and the horror of the breakup, but the post-breakup blues. To put it eloquently, breaking up SUCKS. Carrie talks about her breakup rules, and I dug deep into the recesses of my brain and found my list of breakup rules.

1. Listen to All Cried Out by Allure and 112 over and over.
2. Throw away pictures of you two. Yes, even your favorite one of you two in that secret folder on your computer.
3. Get dressed up, go out with your friends and get durunk. Instead of taking care of your loser ex, for once let your friends take care of you.
4. Do not text, call, facebook, email. NO CONTACT, especially not drunk contact. Erase numbers if you have wandering fingers when you're drunk.
5. Stop stalking Facebook for any signs of life.
and finally, the most important way you can get over it:
6. Improve yourself. At first, you will tell yourself that you are learning 10 new languages, making genius art, and building abs of steel so that the next time you run into him, he'll realize what he was missing. blah blah. Then you'll realize that investing time in yourself makes you a better, smarter, more fit, person regardless of who you're with/without. Then, before you know it, you'll realize that you're so glad you got out of that relationship and this whole process only makes you a better person for the next guy. Onward and upward, baby.

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