March 8, 2012

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I started using all natural, paraben free skincare products in college after stepping foot in Elephant Pharmacy on Shattuck. Since then, I've been searching for the perfect skincare regimen. You can say my skin's been around the block. Jason, Alba, Burt, Phil and Korres are just a few of my past flings. Don't get me wrong, these brands make great products and treated me well. But I haven't felt this committed or serious about a skincare brand until I met Naruko. Okay sorry for all the relationship analogies, I've been watching way too much Sex and the City... So Naruko is a Taiwanese brand and like most asian skincare brands, they offer whitening/brightening formulas which I appreciate now that I am getting older and my freckles aren't getting any cuter.

Night routine:

Naruko Rose & Botanic Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash - This is the best face wash I have ever used. I am not exaggerating. It is moisturizing and gentle. No strip your face effect and smells delicious.
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Repairing Dew - This toner contains no alcohol and does not dry the skin out. It is hydrating and dewy. I sometimes like to soak it with a cotton pad and leave it on my face like a mask.
Naruko Rose & Botanic Aqua Cubic Hydrating Cream -  I have dry skin so I generally prefer my moisturizer to be a cream rather than a lotion. But creams that are too heavy clog my pores. This cream is light and easily absorbed so no clogging here.
Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Eye Gelly - I am in front of the computer 12 hours a day so my eyes alternate between suffering from sallowness or baggy dark circles. Bleh! This is a pick-me-up that I use every other day. The area around my eyes feels cool and smooth instantly after. As for long term effects of brightening and firming, I'm only half way through the bottle. The gelly does contain arbutin which is a natural chemical that prevents the formation of melanin, the pigment that your skin produces which results in discoloration, freckles and sun spots, aka my worst enemy. Will update more later.
Naruko Majoram & Lavender Brightening Night Gelly - I apply this all over my neck and face right before bed every other day. Because of its texture, the gelly gets absorbed into the skin slowly throughout the night so it is like an overnight face mask.
Day routine:

I use the same Naruko Rose & Botanic face wash in the mornings.
Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Moisturizing Day Protector - This is a good milky moisturizer to use as a base before you start piling anything else on like sunblock or makeup.
Yes To Blueberries Skin Repair Serum - I wanted to like this because I had heard good things about the Yes to Carrots line, but this serum made my skin feel dry and stripped. I am either going back to Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough serum or trying Naruko's Rose & Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex serum.
Naruko ampm Skin Ecological Indoor Defense Cream - This cream is thicker than the Rose cream that I use at night, but it blends really well. I hate it when creams are so thick and unblendable that you end up tugging on your skin.
Naruko ampm Super Skin Hydra Wakeup Pack - Boy does this wake me up in the mornings. I get a tingly sensation all over my face after I apply this clear gel formula. I can feel my skin drink this stuff up.
I get pimples occasionally and Antony has oily skin so we both use tea tree oil:

Narkuko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser - This face wash contains itty bitty jojoba beads to help exfoliate and wash the dead skin cells and gunk out. I love how my face feels afterwards and it smells so refreshing and minty.
Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum - This serum helps tighten my pores but is not drying.
Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil - Anytime I feel a pimple emerging, I dip a Q-tip in this baby and dab it on the problem area. Et voila!

My skin takes a serious beating when I travel so I combat it with:
Eucerin's Original Moisturizing Creme - It's not an all natural product but until I find a worthy contender, it's simply the best.
Evian's Mineral Water Spray - Not pictured because I gave my bottle to my mom the last time I was in China. The spray really refreshes my skin after a long 12 hour plane ride.

For more information and reviews on Naruko products, check out Fuzkittie on Youtube. She seems to have tried everything so she knows her stuff. Some new skincare brands I want to try are AesopJurlique, and Fresh. Do you have any recommendations?

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  1. My fave is one I mentioned in my previous post... DermaE. It's relatively unknown here but has won all these awards in Europe