March 21, 2012

S.O.S: Save Our Sex (life)

We inadvertently skipped an episode last time, so today we're backtracking to Season 1, Episode 11 - The Drought. Today's also a special post because we're writing this one together.

There's a moment in every relationship when romance gives way to reality, and in Carrie's case, it's when she farts. At least that's what she believes to be the trigger. But it's more like a series of changes to the relationship: they get comfortable sleeping together, Big admits to Carrie that he's too tired for sex, Big chooses sports over sex...

We think that it's inevitable that every healthy relationship will grow out of the "honeymoon stage" and into a more real relationship. There's no need to impress your significant other. There's no need to pull outfits together or pose, as Carrie does. You spend more time being yourself when you're together. 

But, that doesn't mean you can't keep the romance alive. Some ideas on keeping the attraction strong:
  • If you live together and you have a date night, make it a point to meet at your chosen restaurant or location. Getting ready to go out together ruins the surprise and fun of the "wow" moment when you first see each other. Nobody needs to see you pull on your Spanx!
  • Dressing up. No, not in a Sexy Nurse outfit. But, lingerie for her AND HIM. Sexy man boxer briefs, like this animal print one or this hot lips one, help accentuate his goods and set the mood; this is an equal opportunity world! Plus, if you're turned on, he'll be turned on by you being turned on. Confusing? Just buy it and see.
  • Don't talk about how tired you are. You work all day. He works all day. Wah wah wah. We know. Vocalizing this only kills the mood and makes the other person even more tired. And it is inevitably followed by: "Let's just _______ (anything but sex)"
  • Get out of the house! Even if you don't live together, staying in all the time doesn't encourage new experiences or romance. It's nice to stay in and follow a routine sometimes, but you can do that when you're 80. In experiencing the world together, you will get to know each other even better and deepen your relationship. This emotional connection can be more romantic and attractive than anything else. It's an exclusive connection that you share.
We're writing this post together so you can't figure out whose tip is whose. Hehe. Tell us your tricks!

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