April 10, 2012

Cushion Conversion Part 1

My dining room is slowly coming together, with new artwork, new (used) rug, and now recovered cushions. They're not exactly recovered yet bc I was a leetle sick this weekend. No dedicated time to sew, but I did get started with my first test case.
[A pattern]
[Cording bought on Etsy or Ebay]
[Fabric to make cording]
[Sewing the cording]

[Cording sewn]
I like the clean look of a corded edged, but I'm hating myself bc it makes it that much more complicated. FYI, here's a helpful cording instruction post that I didn't find until after I already sewed mine. Hopefully I can get some more sewing done before I take off next week...

P.S. I had already purchased the fabric at Mood Fabrics (with a groupon), when I was perusing Lonny's online archives, and bam! Isn't the fabric so similar?! I felt vindicated.

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