April 17, 2012

A Mantel of White

Damnit! I had written up a post on fireplaces, but it disappeared!!! That also means I lost all the fireplace links I had saved up over the past few months!!! You can imagine my deep sadness at this loss! Anyway, I have done my best to write-up a fireplace mantel post, but in my mind it will always be subpar to the one I wrote and lost : (

My fireplace currently is a sad, naked fireplace without a mantel to give it presence. I used it something like 3 times this winter, but I give it dirty looks every chance I get. It's tiled with this hideous fake marble, and I dream about painting over it.  In addition to painting over the tile, I plan to build a mantel.

[Skinny legs. Source]
I need skinny sides. Not bc I'm superficial, but bc the patio doors are only a few inches from the fireplace. I have no idea what that side part is called.. corbels? Extended corbels?
What about these skinny columns, but just 1 on each side?
And what about the mantel shelf itself? I don't know about having a skinny mantel.
Scratch that, I do like a skinny mantel (like this one from Lowe's), but I like it when there's a high "detail panel. That's the area between the mantel and the fireplace itself. According to this picture, it's called a "detail panel."

It seems like the color du jour for fireplaces is white. I feel peer pressured to make my fireplace mantel white too. We'll see!

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